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The decision that I made going into thus field of Headlight Restoration was an easy one. I had someone restore the headlights on 2 of my cars one day and the result looked really good. Then about 4 months later they had already started turning back, which made me feel like I didn’t get my money’s worth for the service in which i had paid for. So I started researching headlight restorations and how long it should last after the initial restoration.

But even the information on that was vague at best, so i restored the headlights on my 2 cars myself and to my surprise it lasted longer than 4 months. So I just recognized a real need for this type of work because foggy and hazing headlights is a cronic problem for everyone and I didn’t want my customers to feel the way I did when I didn’t get the desired long lasting results that I thought I should have for what I paid into it.

@ Headlight Restoration is committed to the highest standards of excellence to our customers, we strive to give each one of our customers results that is more than what they are expecting, so that they feel that the restoration was money well spent.

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